William Collins

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: polyurethane spray foam equipment was expensive and complicated, especially if you want to do smaller projects in existing buildings. This idea really hit home as we were just starting up Ag-tite ( www.Ag-tite.com ) back in 2005. Since we were both the contractor and at the same time developing the spray technology to help farmers, we were asking ourselves "Why is this so hard? All we want to do is to spray and foam ". We could not find portable spray foam technologies that would help us do our job better. 

What Can William Do For You?

The concept of the Sealant Technologies, Inc was actually born out of a need to " scratch our own itch ".  It was back in 2005 when we saw a need to have a small, portable spray foam equipment that would allow us to spray our new AireBarrier sealant into poultry houses. All of the existing spray equipment that was available was large, complicated and expensive and our goal was to be able to go into buildings, fix them and then get out. We were a maintenance company that was in need of a way go into buildings and fix things. 

So I started Sealant Technologies, Inc.