AG Sealants Kit

This is where is all started. On a poultry farm in 2004. Little did William know that this would be a start of a very long, hard but quite frankly satisfying journey into the world of building envelopes. It was on a poultry farm in Oklahoma that William first began to realize that by sealing up older buildings with polyurethane foam. Quite frankly, the experience marked him so much that he decided to dedicate his life's work to making this work for not just the poultry industry, but all markets that suffered from a similar challenge of dealing with leaky building envelopes. 

Since 2005, when the AG Sealants Kit was first introduced we have received a lot of questions, the most of them were, "What is the difference between spray foams and spray sealants"? The answer is Spray sealants stop air and moisture from coming into buildings and is very much rooted in our passion to bring to farmers a solution to this very old problem.