Do you currently purchase can foam for your air sealing projects? Have you ever found opportunities to air seal an area but the manual gun would only apply a bead application? Why not consider turning your can foam into a spray sealant? Now you can with the Spray Pods Gun. This all metal patent pending spray gun allows the operator to change the volume of the polyurethane chemistry so that it can produce a spray pattern. This means that the can foam can now be much more flexible in it's ability to solve your air sealing problem and to do it in a way that is fast. The Air Sealants Platform gives you the ability to choose which can foam or spray adhesive that you need for each project so you have the opportunity to expand your services. 

The Spray Pod Gun is unique in that it is designed to spray 24oz and 29oz pressurized cans of polyurethane spray adhesives and foams. For more than 40 years, there really has not been any innovation when it comes to the can foam & foam kit industry and yet the need to air seal has become even more critical to developing an air tight building envelope.

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