Air Sealants Platform

William Collins has been on the leading edge of the concept of air sealing on agricultural, residential and even some commercial buildings. This is a very difficult concept for almost anyone to understand because of two major reasons. You can not see air and you and put a valve on what happens when air is leaked. What is very strange about this discussion is almost anyone that truly understands the effects of air leakage will all agree that it is a very important concept for our health, our energy savings and even our planet's sustainability. 

What makes an air sealant so effective is that it gives almost anyone the tools to fix and seal almost any building material no matter what they are working on. The secret to the kit is that it uses polyurethane closed cell foam sealant which has proven to have tremendous adhesion capabilities to almost any substrate. Once foam sealant is applied to a surface, it immediate begins to expand and then cure which creates not just an air tight seal, but also some structure to the entire assembly. 

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