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Dear friends and supporters,

 It is always such a joy to be able to write you and wish you many special blessings of God on your family.

With this letter I want to share a little from my heart for missions.  On the mission field we do many things like preach, teach, motivate and challenge.  One of the main tools God has given us is to give away Bibles.  Throughout the 20 years that we have distributed Bibles, God’s Word has touched, changed and transformed the lives of hundreds of people and they receive it as the most precious gift.

What Happened In 2017?

This year the Lord has opened the doors for ministry in Bolivia.  In October, we were invited to a national meeting of more than 100 pastors from all over the country where we became aware of the great need.  There we learned that among the countries of South America, Bolivia has the least amount of Biblies and the Bible Society does not bring large amounts because the people do not have a way to buy them.  

In response to this need, God has moved in our hearts to distribute 20,000 Bibles during the pastor’s conference that we will have in Santa Cruz in August.  As a part of our strategy to eradicate Bible poverty, we will give these Bibles to pastors from isolated areas to be used to evangelize their area. To date we have distrubted over 345,000 Bibles in this way and have seen the participating churches grow and powerfully impact their area with the gospel.

The Bible Society has agreed to sell us the Bibles for $2.50USD each, so to accomplish our goal we will need a total of $50,000.  Would you pray and ask God how you could participate in helping us reach this goal to take the Word of God to Bolivia?  All donations will be used solely to purchase Bibles and are fully tax deductible.  

Donations can be sent by check to the address below, or by using the PayPal donate button.

                        Donation address:

                        Amazon Ministries International

                        P.O. Box 88

                        Elm Springs, AR 72728

Please make checks out to Amazon Ministries International and enclose a note designating the donation for Bibles

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Thank you for your interest in supporting the extention of the Kingdom of God through the distribution of the Bible in Bolivia.

Your brothers and co-laborers in Christ,

 Jaime and Lori Useche

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