Sealing has been defined as "the art and science of preventing leaks". Sealants are use to seal joints and openings ( gaps ) between two or more substrates. The main purpose of a sealant is to prevent air, water and other substances from entering or exiting a structure while permitting a certain amount of movement of the substrates. An air barrier is a type of sealant, but it performs a specific objective in that it forms an monolithic air seal across the entire wall.

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William Collins is host of the Spray Sealants Video Blog which is used to help others understand the significant opportunity that is coming with this new emerging technology. There will be significant opportunities for those who recognize just how powerful and yet how simple it is to seal a building envelope and how that can add a significant return of investment to that project. This is a simple 7 day E-Course it gives you an an overview of how Spray Sealants have worked in some real time projects.