Mission Statement

The Exodus Center will provide Ugandans in the region of Karuma a way out of their spiritual, cultural and economic bondage by facilitating access to high quality Biblically guided spiritual development integrated with vocational and business development training.   

Strategic Plan Summary

Clark Lasse and Joyce Lasse will head up the development of a variety of facilities and educational processes that will provide a context in which Ugandans from the Karuma area can receive high quality training in in one or more of several vocational tracks, equipping them with basic business skills and preparing them for spiritual leadership through Biblically-based discipleship training.

God's Family Story - Part 1

Biblical Underpinnings

With unemployment at 80%, poverty in north Uganda is pervasive. Illiteracy is also widespread with at least 80% of the population unable to read or write in any language. Thus, people everywhere are stuck in what often seem like insurmountably difficult life-circumstances. The word “exodus” means “the way out”.  The story which the book of Exodus in the Bible so graphically tells, describes the God’s powerful deliverance of His people from their bondage to Egypt. This story became the primary reminder of God’s plan for a much greater deliverance—one His own son would come into the world to achieve. At a pivotal moment in Jesu’s life, he was in a transformed state on a mountain with three of his closest followers. They witnessed him conversing with Moses and Elijah about the events that he was soon to endure, He described those events as His “exodus”—His way out. Because of the solidarity followers of Jesus have with him, we can as rightly say that His “way out”, His exodus, is also our way out—our exodus.  This theme of the story of God’s family is what inspired the vision for the Exodus Center. We believe God will build and use this center to facilitate the discovery and experience of deliverance from spiritual, cultural and economic bondage for many of the Ugandans whom God is drawing to the rapidly growing town of Karuma, Uganda. 

God's Family Story - Part 2

Location - Why Karuma?

For decades Karuma has been a tiny almost unnoticeable trading center nestled against the banks of the mighty Nile River at the point where the main Highway from Uganda’s capital city Kampala to the north part of the country crosses the Nile.  Karuma began to grow when it became a refugee camp for internally displaced people of Northern Uganda during the reign of terror carried out by the infamous Joseph Kony.  Then the government of Uganda contracted with a Chinese company to install a large electricity generating plant on the Nile River at Karuma. Subsequently, the Ugandan government declared that Karuma would become the industrial capital of the entire country. Because of all this, Karuma has begun to grow rapidly.  The Ugandan government anticipates that in the next 10-20 years, Karuma will become the second largest city in the country.  So there is a huge opportunity to begin to influence the people of Uganda who are now flocking to this struggling little town to equip them to become a significant force for the establishing of the kingdom of God both there in Karuma, but also far beyond as God raises up laborers from these people to enter the fields that are white for harvest in the neighboring regions of northern Uganda and central sub-Saharan Africa.


10 acres of land along one Karuma’s fastest developing roads and a tributary to the Nile River; Water tower combined with Cell Network Booster Tower; Café, Kitchen and Guest house; Internet café; Education Center; Model wells; Vegetable Gardens; Chicken house; Goat house; Fish Ponds; Bee hives; and Plant nursery.  


Employment opportunities and vocational training; Business models and training in basic business practices; eventually secondary, college and Biblical education.

Leadership & Discipleship Training

Clark Lasse and Joyce Lasse will be using curriculum from The Story of God's Family which we have been developing for many years and which has become a proven and effective way to develop disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Initial Products Needed Funding

Water and cellular boosting tower: $5000.

We have completed a well on the land and now need an elevated water storage container.  We can design this tower to double as a cell booster signal tower which will allow us to attain and provide higher speed internet connections speeds to students and guests.   

Four hydro-form brick-making manually operated machines:

$1500 buys a machine and 25 bags of concrete which enables us to produce 2500 bricks.  This puts us well on the way to acquiring the materials needed to begin construction.  These machines will quickly become a stream of income source for the center as bricks will continue to be made and sold in the surrounding community. 

40-50 $1000 partners.  

With an initial capitalization of phase one—a kitchen, café and guesthouse--we will be able to develop streams of income that will begin to sustain employees and provide needed resources for vocational training and future facility development.

Contact Information

Clark Lasse Or Joyce Lasse 

Phone (479) 871-9272

Email: lotzaclasse@gmail.com