Portable Air Sealing System
Patent Pending

For more than 40 years, there has not been a way use one component foam sealants interchangeably, until now! Introducing the Foam Sealants Kit. Now you can use connect any or all of the polyurethane foam sealants products that are on the market, simply and affordably. Start with the Foam Gun Adapter which can convert any manual foam gun from a 24oz can into a 10lb or 16lb canister in a matter of minutes. If you do not have a manual foam gun, consider using the Foam Sealants Gun which comes complete with the Adapter. Then finally, add the Spray Sealants Gun so that you can now spray your one component foam sealant. 

The Foam Sealants Kit is for the contracting professional who is looking for a spray system that they can integrate into their existing business. This kit has all of the components that you will need to get started fast and to get your attic air sealing project done in a very sustainable way. Do you have an air compressor or can you get access to one? That is the only component you need to make the Foam Sealants Kit work.