Kingdom Marketplaces

Biblical entrepreneurship is critical in the development of the kingdom marketplaces. Influence is the foundation of power. External power is cultivated by increasing your influence with people and industries. As Biblical entrepreneurs, we must use our influence to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom, to encourage ethical practices within our industries, and to promote a righteous lifestyle within individuals. This is what the kingdom marketplaces are all about.

How does a person create influence? It is a by-product of trust. Trust is created when people believe that you have their best interest in mind when you are encouraging, correcting and making decisions. Trust is also developed when others see that you are consistent in your words and deeds. Integrity and having others’ best interest in mind produces trustworthiness. You must be worthy of receiving people’s trust. This is a key element of all Kingdom marketplaces.

Tony Nichols Teaching

Another component of influence is wealth. A person that has wealth and assets has the ability to influence governments, industries, and people. A biblical entrepreneur has the capability to have their wealth to speak for them within the marketplace to promote righteous business practice. Ecclesiastes 7:12 also proclaims that “money is a defense”. Biblical entrepreneurship encourages paying employees descent wages therefore defending the enterprise’s reputation in the eyes of consumers, employees, and government officials. This is how Kingdom marketplaces should work.

Now let us deal with empowering people to transform their lives in order to become righteous individuals. Biblical entrepreneurs are trailblazers and standard bearers of being holy within their industry. Christians within the global marketplace are to model godly character in all transactions. Their deeds will be able to testify that righteousness is the only way. Biblical entrepreneurs must display a lifestyle of holiness so they can spread the Gospel of the Kingdom to those whom they interact with. As believers in Christ, our characters must line up with our words if we are to be effective in spreading the Gospel. The purpose of creating influence is to promote the good news about King Jesus coming to earth with his kingdom so people’s lives can be changed.

William Collins Testimony

Jesus the Christ used His influence to change the religious climate within the Roman empire. Jesus’ ministry changed millions of lives by displaying a new standard known as Kingdom Authority and Righteous. Jesus preached the Gospel of the Kingdom instead of doctrines of traditions. The Gospel of the Kingdom transforms lives and man made doctrines keeps people in bondage. To be a biblical entrepreneur we must use our influence to change the standard within our industries by living Kingdom principles.