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Prezi is a cloud-based productivity app that creates presentations that are unlike anything else. Instead of a sequence of slides or an animated video, Prezi presentations zoom in and out of a vast single canvas, first focusing in on a block of text or a set of images or videos, and then flying across the canvas to other text or images. You always have the option to zoom out to see the entire canvas, or in to see any detail. The effect is surprisingly dynamic and engaging, and a Prezi presentation can bring the viewer into the action in ways that ordinary slide-after-slide presentations


Prezi Business is an entirely new product from Prezi Inc. — the company known for creating zooming presentation software as an alternative to presenting with PowerPoint. With the launch of Prezi Business, consumers now have two distinct versions of the platform to choose from. To clarify, you can now choose between the original version of the software which is simply called “Prezi”, and the new version of the software, called “Prezi Business”.

Just like the original version of Prezi, you can use Prezi Business to create eye-catching presentations that may help you to connect with your audience in a more engaging way. This time, however, Prezi Business has a streamlined design workflow and some nice new features aimed at teams looking to create presentations more efficiently and deliver them more interactively.