Spray Foam Platform

Since 2004, William Collins has been involved in the polyurethane spray foam industry. It was in March, 2004 that he first saw closed cell polyurethane foam being sprayed on a poultry farm project which was engaged in the retrofitting of over 200 older barns. The spray foam equipment that he had to use was amazingly complex, difficult to manage and required a lot of attention. The system consisted of a 40' trailer, a Graco E-20, a large generator and compressor and of course a large storage area for carrying all of the 55 gallon drums of chemicals. 

The Spray Pod offers a portable spray foam insulation machine that is designed specifically for delivering closed cell form or open cell foam. This spray machine combines the power and portability of our patented Spray Pod which allows any operation to have a one man or small crew to do the work. The possibilities are endless as to how to use this system because now it is possible to do those small to medium sized projects which most spray operations avoid.