What's Your Biz Model?

" How do I monetize my product? " William Collins can lead you into the solution through the concept of The iEconomy. The internet is the greatest distribution channel every created and you can use the net as a tool to create value and get paid. The dramatic leverage of the net more than overcomes the downs of the current economy. Yes, you can monetize your Pull Marketing Platform, but it's not about how many " likes " you get or how many people you have as friends. It's all about connection.

The Old Business Model

Are you using a business plan template which was designed to be used in the industrial economy?  If you are about to enter into the new network economy, you need to use a new start-of-the-art, capital efficient business model based on the proven Lean Canvas framework that is replacing traditional planning approaches. This is why William Collins created the Pull Marketing Platform so that it would integrate concepts like the Lean Canvas to create an your iBusiness. An iBusiness is very agile and will move with the marketplace so that you are not locked into just one way of doing things.  It will also be flexible as you are able to change things " on the fly " so that you can use growth hacking to develop new marketing strategies in a matter of hours, not months. In essence, it allows you to fail as fast as possible.  

The New iBusiness Model

Do you have some ideas or even a business model that you would like to do some brainstorming on? If you have a question as to how to use the the Lean Canvas, send a comment to William Collins.  It takes less than 20 minutes to create your first business model and it's an incredible way to begin to see how your business plan template can actually be played out on paper and then in the real world.

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