The Fusion Of Your
Personal & Business Brand

Let's reveal what The iEffect actually is and show you exactly how you can apply it to your life. Within you is a seed, an idea or a passion. It was put into you at your time of birth. It's been there all of your life and right now it is buried under a career that is not satisfying you. You were born to solve a problem and you may even have the solution, but you haven't done anything about it. It makes you mad that this problem has not been solved and you almost feel helpless because you want to change the situation. So how can The iEffect empower you to make this change and how can this story be told through your pull marketing business?

The Most Famous Ad Ever Shown On TV

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple was in that exact situation in the early 80's as he was frustrated that the personal computer and it's software were not working together seemlessly. In response, he poured everything he had into the MacIntosh project and launched the idea with a 60 second commercial during the third quarter of the 1984 Super Bowl. His goal?  To announce that things were about to be transformed in the personal computer industry. Steve Jobs had a seed in him that he had to birth and he understood that the way to do that was to empower his iEffect.

Steve Job Demonstrates Transformation

So what drove Steve Jobs? Where did his passion come from? Why was he so driven by the idea of transformation that he not only changed the personal computer industry, but 6 other industries as well ?  Well, the answer is something that would surprise you because it wasn't what you think it was. It wasn't fear. It wasn't greed. It wasn't his desire for riches or fame although that was clearly a secondary motivation for him. So what was Steve Jobs driving reason for spending his whole life and even his last days on earth focused on his passion to perfection ? It was in his words " to make a dent in the universe ".  I essence, Steve Jobs built a personal branding business because he wanted to transform ideas.

The iEffect Brings Transformation

So how do you tap into The iEffect?  Great question? William Collins shows you how to begin to build your pull marketing platform which will bring transformation and change into your world, your sphere of influence and even your life.  But first, in order to give you a foundation by which to start to create change, you first must understand the big picture. That starts by reading our free report called The iEffect Report.  You can download this report by clicking onto the link below.  Once you read this report, visit our next page on the On-Ramp which is called " Make It ". This is all about how to start to develop your own personal branding business on the internet so that you can begin to define your personal brand.

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