Lourdes Valles

Brief testimony: Battling breast cancer for 20 years, first diagnosed in 2000 with stage 2 had Lumpectomy, in 2009 it returned at stage 3 had a Double Mastectomy and in 2014 it returned again with stage 4 breast cancer coming from the lymph nodes metastatic to cervical spine and thoracic spine. To top it all, In 2014 I married a Sociopath which I didn't even know they existed and unaware of what he was until August of 2017, he used me, stole from me several times while still wearing his mask as though he was a wonderful husband. After I ended the marriage I had many anxiety attacks and some depression while still going to treatment for the cancer, but I overcame those thanks to God, He gave me the strength through it all. I am currently on a clinical trial since 2014 and just had CT Scans this past Wednesday and the results have stayed the same other than a severe fatty liver due to diabetes, cancer is stable with no enlargement or growth for the past 5 1/2 years to God be the glory‍♀️, I am grateful and I can't thank God enough for placing my name on the wake up list every morning and getting to know Him more and more through all my struggles, my relationship with him is awesome. He is worthy to be praised, He is my healer and my everything and I now understand that to die in Christ is to live. Much love to all my brother's and sister's, God is awesome, He will never forsake us or leave usHe is worthy to be praised at all times‍♀️Keep pressing on to Jesus because He is coming soon for His Bride.I am a WARRIOR! and a OVERCOMER! and can't wait to see Him.